Welcome to the computer lab.

Do these exercises in order. If you do poorly on one, do it again. You can also keep this paper and do them from home!
click students
click Spanish verbs (on the left side)
#8-11 preterite tense
#12 imperfect

do this activity

web codes jdd-0413, jdd-0411, jdd-0417, jdd-0504


chapter 6 challenge board
chapter 6 Rags to Riches

preterite vs imperfect
do 62, 67, 73, and 74
review the notes and do quiz #1 on each

www.colby.edu/~bknelson (This one is difficult!)
preterite vs imperfect
Ricitos de oro #1and #2


Fall 2009 We will be working on various projects today. As you work on computer labwork you will rotate to a computer with a headset for 5-10 minutes. We will be working on creating a class story in Spanish (of course!). Keep this page open and open a new window to complete your other assignments.

Assignment 1: Check your answers from the textbook yesterday. Here they are:

Pg. 3: llegó, recibió, fueron, salieron, encontraron, fue, vino, dijo, dijiste, llamé, pedí, trajiste, traje, pediste, estuvimos, compramos, tuviste, preguntó, fui, terminé, pude, supe, dijo

Pg. 10: era, pasábamos, hacíamos, íbamos, había, teníamos, pescaban, cocinábamos, comíamos, gustaba, crecían, llevaba, ponía, visitábamos, gustaban, tenían, tenía, apreciaba, conocía, ayudaban, invitábamos, estaban, tenían, era, llevaban, era

Pg. 14: A. conociste, conocí, creía, era, conocía, fue, presentaron, hicieron, dimos, buscábamos, fui, quería, llegué, gritaron, pude, pasó, sabía, dijo, echamos

B. íbamos, podíamos, cumplí, fuimos, tuvimos, habían, vieron, empezó, empezamos, molestó, buscaron, huyeron, pidieron, permitió, advirtió, teníamos, dijo, pudimos, estaban, trajeron

Assignment 2: Complete the following web exercises to practice preterite and imperfect. Remember, open each link in a new window so you can keep the instructions handy.

Go to http://conjuguemos.com/home/index.html and click on the orange STUDENT box. DO NOT REGISTER!!!! Click on Spanish Verbs in the left column. Choose number 8. Click start when ready to begin. You will be timed but you have control over the clock. To add an accent, simply type the letter that needs the accent and then click ADD ACCENT button. Your goal is to do each activity twice and increase your percentage score. You will be given a score at the end of each timed session. After you complete 2 rounds of regular preterite, click on the drop-down menu above the answer box, choose another preterite area to work on (stem-changers, irregular, all, etc...). Once again try each one twice and try to beat your score. You do not have to send me your score. I am monitoring your participation.
Continue with the one IMPERFECT conjugation practice. It is short and sweet!

Now, you are ready for something more challenging...go to http://www.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/index.php and click on Preterite vs. Imperfect in the right column. Choose Superhombre and try to complete the story with the correct form of preterite or imperfect. It will give you instant feedback right or wrong. Afterwards, complete the second Superhombre story. If you have time, pick another couple of these to practice.

When I bring you headphones, you will need to get to a stopping point and complete the activity below. This is to practice our speaking and to make those who are taking the AP test more comfortable with being recorded.

Assignment 3: Digital Storytelling!
1. Go to http://voicethread.com
2. Click on Sign In in the upper right hand corner. Sign in with the following email: spanish4GMHS@gmail.com and use the password: ireland.
3. Today, you are going to create a digital story. You have been given random pictures. You must create a story that ties all the pictures together. It must be in Spanish. You must leave comments on at least 5 of the pictures.
4. Make sure your headphones are plugged into your computer.
5. You can be as creative as you like...just keep in "cool for school"!
6. When you are ready to begin, click on My Voice.
7. Click on Spanish 4/AP Class Story.
8. Before you can record, you need to create an identity for yourself!!. Click on the castle beneath the picture. Then click on Create Another Identity.
9. Click Add an Identity. Put only your initials. DO NOT PUT YOUR FULL NAME!!!
10. You can pull a picture representing you from online at a later date, please be aware of copyright issues and make it school appropriate.
11. Click Done when you are ready to begin.
12. Now, back at the first picture, click on the castle and then click on your identity. When your picture is shown beneath the picture, you are ready to comment.
13. Click Comment.
14. You are going to click Record. When the Adobe box pops up, click Allow.
15. Once you click Allow, recording will begin. While recording, move the cursor over the picure. Notice it has become a pencil. You may circle, write, draw...anything to enhance your story. Please speak clearly and slowly. Don't panic if you make a mistake.
16. Click Stop when you are finished and then Save your comments. You can re-record if you need to before saving. Try to do this as quickly as possible.
17. Go on to the next picture and record more of your story. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE!!! Be creative!!!
18. When you finish, pass the headphones to the person beside you.