-ar endings

Yo –aba -ábamos

-abas -abais

Él -aba -aban

-er/-ir endings

Yo -ía -íamos

-ías -íais

él -ía -ían


Yo cantaba.
I used to sing. –OR- I was singing.

Common expressions with the imperfect:
-express the habitual past

Generalmente---------------------------------Normalmente--------------------------------Con frecuencía
Constantamente------------------------------Cada día (semana, mes, etc.)--------------Por lo general
Siempre---------------------------------------de Cosimbre---------------------------------Regularmente
Todos los días (las tardes, etc.)-------------a meunudo----------------------------------a veces

Uses of the imperfect
The imperfect tense is used to express the following:

1.Descriotion in the past

Ellos eran muy simpáticos They were (used to be) very kind

2. An action that went on for a period of time in the past that is not specific, with no reference to its beginning or end.

El me miraba mientras yo trataba de recoger los papeles. He was looking at me while I was trying to pick up the papers.

3. A customary, habitual or indefinitely repeated action in the past. One of the
best ways to recognize this use is to think of the English used to, was, or would

Los domingos yo caminaba por la playa. On Sudnays I used to (would) walk
on the beach

4.The background or setting in which an action took place

un veinto tremendo cuando salimos de las escuela. It was extremely windy when we left school.
Elena corria por la acera y de repente y se cayo. Elena was running on the sidewalk and all of the sudden she fell.

5. Time of the day in the past.

las tres de la tarde. It was three o’clock in the afternoon

6. Age in the past
El director tenía sesenta años. The director was sixty years old.

7. A mental or physical state of being in the past. In the past, nonaction verbs such as saber, conocer, querer, estar, creer, and tener are usually in the imperfect.

Tú no conocías Lima muy bein. You didn’t know Lima very well.
Estaba alegre mientras tenía con quien jugar. I was very happy while I had someone to play with.